Nomination Process

The object of the awards programme is to honour ten individuals as representatives of the huge body of volunteers in sport who give of their time in various capacities through the structure of sports clubs and groups to sport in Ireland.


  • Each nominee must have served in his/her voluntary role for no less than 2 years and must still be acting in the role for which he/she are being nominated

  • Individuals who receive pay in return for their services will not be eligible. The reimbursement of expenses is not considered pay for the purposes of these awards.

  • Groups/Teams will not be eligible

  • You may not nominate yourself for this award

  • Individuals being nominated should be informed by the nominator. Contact details for the nominated individual must be provided.

  • The nominating club or group must be affiliated to a National Governing Body of Sport

  • Being nominated for another volunteer scheme does not preclude entry under this particular scheme

  • Successful candidates will be subject to Garda Vetting

  • Before receiving an award each nominee will be required to sign a waiver form granting the Awards organisers together with any Award Sponsor the right to the use of his/her name, likeness or photograph without compensation in any publicity or for promotional purposes carried out .

Selection Criteria

When evaluating the candidates, the Selection Committee will consider the following:

  • Length of service as a volunteer

  • Versatility

  • Impact on the club or group

  • Impact on the community

  • Impact on the sport

  • Overall merit

  • Other qualities

Key Dates

  • October 2019. Further updates to follow

Selection Committee:

  • Update to follow

How to Nominate:

  • Complete the on-line form available at

  • Nominees should be profiled only by the completion of this form. Please do not send any additional information at this stage as such material cannot be considered by the Selection Committee.

  • A list of those selected will be considered by the Selection Committee to identify a short list of finalists.

  • The names of the short-listed finalists will be forwarded to their relevant NGB and/or LSP for approval

  • The Selection Committee will then choose an award winner for each category

  • All proposed award winners will be subject to Garda Vetting

  • There will be an awards ceremony held later in the Year

  • The successful candidates will each receive a special commemorative award